Hur & Company is among the world’s top global consulting firms, providing a complete array of advisory services, data collection and forensics, analytics and digital audit. Our focus is on eDiscovery, with leading subject matter experts in Information Governance, Data Preservation and Litigation Preparedness.

To effectively deliver these services, and others, Hur & Company built the firm with people of integrity. Our team has deep roots in humility, yet are united by one common goal – “getting it right” the first time. Hur & Company is dedicated to supporting the unique needs of your case, as well as providing strategic processes and solutions that add value and attain measurable results.

We’ve worked on proactive and reactive eDiscovery engagements for some of the largest organizations in the world. We’ve also helped some of the nation’s largest law firms navigate the most complex and highest stakes investigations.

Hur & Company is uniquely qualified to drive results for our clients worldwide by producing innovative ideas and fresh perspectives from our consultants. What initially began as an arm of support within the world of eDiscovery has grown into a complete end to end eDiscovery and litigation support firm focused on keeping our clients prepared and informed. Our team can conduct an audit of existing practices, build new practices from the ground up or modify the current policies to minimize exposure and maximize discovery efforts.


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