At Hur & Company, we strive to not only customize our services to each client, but also to “get it right” the first time. Careful deliberation goes into each decision, with our consultants’ focus always on helping our clients and keeping them well informed. With an emphasis on client centered execution, our consultants pride themselves in helping our clients make eDiscovery and data management less stressful, more productive and more cost efficient.



Every good case needs great support, and that’s why Hur & Company strives to be an extension of our client’s team, working closely with key players in creating a detailed strategy focused on the clients’ needs. Our emphasis is providing our clients smarter, different and more efficient choices in legal hold management, data collection, data processing and all aspects of eDiscovery.



Upfront transparency backed by the expertise you need. At Hur & Company we will be upfront with our clients and work hand in hand with them to ensure they get results that surpass expectations. Customization and collaboration is how we work best. We know each of our client’s situations is unique, and that’s why we like to work closely with those on the front line, including the IT and legal departments, allowing our consultants to strategize and drive results in the most efficient and customized way possible. Unlike other consulting firms who keep their processes hidden and their clients in the dark, Hur & Company believes in keeping our clients informed and sharing our knowledge. Relationships and teamwork matter. We believe the more we can work together, the greater the trust and the ability to navigate our client’s issues and opportunities.

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