Due to the globalization of business, it is not uncommon for a modern corporation to maintain a range of operations in more than one country, leading to an exponentially expanding collection of databases and electronic data.

The Hur & Company Information Governance (IG) practice can help to normalize the difficulty of data management by creating a retention schedule and procedures specific to your organization’s current practices and future needs, including regulatory investigations, and of course, litigation. We will conduct periodic surveys of your digital landscape to validate that the strategy is working, confirming the accessibility and location of key documentation.

Sound and comprehensive information governance strategies will aid an organization during the eDiscovery process – because IG is the starting point. The time to be ready for eDiscovery is before you need the data for litigation. We can work with you to define and implement the policies and procedures that you need for efficient and effective enterprise-wide electronic data management that is aligned with the latest compliance and legal requirements.

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