What you agree on at a pre-trial Rule 26(f) conference can set the stage for the rest of the litigation. You need to be ready to ask all the right questions—and know all the right answers—so you walk away with an actionable discovery plan.

At Hur & Company, our purpose is to drive improvements and recommend defensible processes that are practical and repeatable. Our advisors not only guide you in litigation preparedness, we also work with you to develop procedures and best practices needed to effectively plan during litigation. Our clients are well-prepared to leverage efficient solutions and important factors that mitigate the risk of duplicate efforts.

We recognize the importance of early and comprehensive discussions between the parties concerning the whole discovery process, including potential eDiscovery issues. Our recommendations are made in consideration of applicable regulatory and compliance concerns, and follow Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles (GARP) and Sedona Best Practice Guidelines. We are available to testify in court and provide affidavits, reports and opinion letters.

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