In litigation, just presenting raw data is not enough. You need your data to tell a clear, concise, and consistent story. We analyze and assess electronic data, helping you to understand what the data means for your business and the case at hand.

A primary goal of the Hur & Company analytics workflow is to remove irrelevant data to reduce risk, cost, and time required for review. Our methodologies eliminate the non-relevant data and pinpoint and categorize what you need through key word search and identification taxonomies, testing and validating every step of the way. We utilize visual analytics – which applies visualizations of charts and clusters – to represent the results for analysis. Advanced analytics govern, manage, clean, and dispose of enterprise data.



Early Data Assessment helps gauge eDiscovery strategies, estimate budgets, and provide insights into the content of the data. Our approach to Early Data Assessment is a fact-finding process to help clients prepare for Meet and Confer. Our consultants engage with counsel to strengthen defensibility of the ESI stipulation and to facilitate early collaboration between parties. The groundwork put in place and the information gathered during the discovery phase can set the stage for efficient and cost effective eDiscovery and ultimately successful litigation.

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