Failure to preserve relevant information can lead to default judgments, fines and reputational damage. Our proven methodologies validated through the Sedona Conference and EDRM can help you preserve and recover electronic data from systems across your organization.

Hur & Company utilizes a variety of industry standard tools to perform collections of data in a forensically sound manner. Driven by a consultative process, our experts work with each client to understand their specific IT environment, locate relevant data in a defensible manner, and determine the best tools needed. Each process is specifically designed to cause the least amount of disruption to infrastructure and business.

We interview each custodian, using a summary of information captured to identify data and source. Our forensic consultants will use this summary report as their guide to the specific places where potentially relevant Electronically Stored Information (ESI) is stored.

Our consultants understand that an organization’s characteristics, policies, and configurations for storage media can also impact the collection and preservation of ESI. Our reasonable collection strategy addresses what ESI should be collected, when, and how—and can greatly reduce the cost associated with processing and review.

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